I am Agurtzane Abajo, a freelance illustrator from the north of Spain. I love the color yellow, drink coffee with milk and lots of foam and adore cats. And I do not like driving or soft drinks very much.

I studied Graphic Design, because although I loved drawing, I didn’t know all the possibilites with illustrations.

After working in several publicity companies as a graphic designer, an experience that provided me with the skill to focus on the final result of images for better communication, I focused on my passion – illustration.

Since then, I have illustrated posters, brochures, and children books for publishers such as Yoyo Books, Micuento, Miles Kelly, and Ibaizabal.

I am convinced this work is a way to continue learning. It is always growing, the same as I am.

When I am not drawing, I love spending time with my family, my 3 daughters and my cat called Muxu.

I am proudly represented worldwide by Lemonade Illustration Agency.


Why “Saludos al pollo”?

One day, when I was living in another city with my coworker, I went to buy a cushion. I found the chicken, it was not a cushion, but it was soft and it was also love at first sight. 

New job opportunities appeared, and my partner and I returned to our hometowns. It was a sad goodbye.  

Since then, when we wrote messages or emails, she always sent me "Saludos al pollo" (Greetings to the chicken).

If you would like to work with me,

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